And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

Mark 16:14


Several years ago, Grace Community Bible Church sent the Harnist family to Vienna, Austria to begin a church planting work. By God’s grace, a church was born in 2019. Bobby Harnist is focused on evangelism and church planting in Austria.

The Harnists serve in Vienna Austria, ministering in a local church plant. Bobby is a co-pastor at Christus Gemeinde Wien

Sierra Leone

Grace Community Bible Church has a strong connection to Sierra Leone. After several trips to Sierra Leone, God led Pastor Dan to work with Equipping Leaders International.  In his role, Pastor Dan will continue to travel frequently to Sierra Leone and other countries to focus on teaching and training under-resourced pastors with sound biblical theology.


Grace Community Bible Church supports the Gass family in East Africa by glorifying God through planting gospel centered indigenous churches. Matt Gass serves as co-evangelists alongside Tanzanian believers focused on making disciples and planting churches. Focus is on teaching bible content, doctrine, and exegesis as well as serving as theological mentors to the Tanzanian church leaders.

Matt and Laura Gass