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The Minister’s Mission

1 Tim 4:11-16 Sunday Service / The Pastor not only teaches the word of God but also lives according to the word of God as a model believer .

The One to Whom God Looks

Isaiah 66:1-6 Sunday Service / True worship contrasted with false religious formalism. True worship sees the true God as he is and worships him according to his word with a heart that loves him. False worship replace the true God for an idol and worships him according to its own imagination.

Boasting in Weakness

2 Corinthians 12:1-10 Sunday Service / In our world, weakness is something to be avoided in every way possible. But in God’s world, it is something we should be content to have and even boast about. As we examine Paul’s experience in these verses, we will answer three questions: What is weakness, where does it come from and why should we boast in it?

The Benefit (Fruit) of Being Alive in Christ

Romans 6:20-23 Sunday Service / Paul contrasts the benefits and outcomes of the believer’s past slavery to sin with the believer’s present slavery to God to remind them that they have received the free gift of God which is eternal life. So, live like it now.

Look! Water!

Various Scriptures Sunday Service / Water baptism symbolizes the substance of Holy Spirit baptism into Christ by faith alone.