Sermons by Jim Wentzlaff

Sermons by Jim Wentzlaff

The Trap of Self-Righteousness

Luke 18:9-14 Sunday Service / If you died today where would you go, Heaven or Hell? When you say Heaven, we ask on what basis? Jesus teaches us to not fall into the trap of self-righteousness. We dare not approach the throne of God based on our own merits. Instead we approach in humility where we are not trusting in ourselves but in Christ’s righteousness alone.

Discipling With Our Union in Christ

Midweek Service Rom 7:4 / We are all called in the fellowship to disciple one another. You are capable and competent to disciple in the Word calling believers to biblical change through their union with Christ.
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Adoption of the Least

Galatians 4:4-7 Midweek Service / Jesus insists on calling the least of us his brothers. We are the least and have been called by grace to full adoption into the eternal salvation of Christ Jesus.