Barry Wester

Barry Wester

Barry grew up attending church in northern Wisconsin.  At the age of 4 years old, he understood that he was a sinner and that Jesus died to pay for his sins.  So, at the dining room table with his mother, he prayed to accept God’s gift of salvation and Christ’s payment for his sins.  As a teenager, Barry realized that he was living a lukewarm life; professing Christ, but living for himself. Just before he left home for college, Barry rededicated his life to live for Christ.

At college, Barry met his wife JoAnn and they were married in 1995.  God has led them on an interesting path that includes several moves in and outside the US, a family of six children including two adoptions.  Finally, God has led them to Credit River, MN.  Barry, JoAnn, and family started attending Grace Community Bible Church in 2020 and enjoy the focus on Bible teaching, prayer, and fellowship opportunities that go deeper than just small talk.

In 2022 Barry started a ministry for children and adults with special needs. Once a month he leads a small and informal worship service which is designed to meet the unique needs an individual might have.

Barry works full-time as a software engineering manager and JoAnn is a full-time homemaker. The family enjoys camping, hiking, and activities in the home.  Barry is often found trying to grow fruit trees, playing guitar, and cooking on his grill or smoker.

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