Grace Group Is Dynamic, Not Static

Grace Group Is Dynamic, Not Static

Several years ago I learned a valuable lesson about small group ministry (Grace Groups).  I learned that Grace Groups are dynamic not static.  Here is what I mean.

Every small group meeting I attended, I learned that at least one person present was hurting.  Always, at least one person in the group shared in some way how they were in a difficult marriage, experiencing a physical set back, or battling a besetting sin to name a few struggles.  And so I came to learn this truth: Grace Groups are dynamic not static.

Because of this truth, I want to offer three implications for us as Grace Groups resume next week.

  1. Attend Grace Group regularly.
    At every Grace Group meeting at least one person is hurting who is in need of God’s grace through your comforting or convicting words. Someone (including you) may need grace that very meeting.  In two weeks, perhaps the needs will be different.  But because Grace Groups are dynamic, it behooves you to minister to your brothers and sisters on a regular basis.
  2. Attend Grace Group proactively.
    Attend Grace Group with a mindset ready to minister grace to those that need it, because there are those who need it at every meeting, whether it is vocalized or not.  Be keen, by the Spirit’s help, to watch and listen closely to your brothers and sisters so that you can minister grace to help in the time of need (c.f. Heb 4:16).
    Attend Grace Group with the mindset of sharing your own struggles. Don’t think you are so strong that you can “go-it-alone” or too weak and embarrassed to share when God has given you the Body for your own edification and exhortation.
    Another way of saying this is to fight the urge to go through the motions of Grace Group.  Don’t waste your Grace Group meetings. Minister and be prepared to receive ministry through others.  We all need it.
  3. Attend Grace Group patiently.
    The grace God ministers through you might be needed again at the next gathering.  People tend to struggle in cycles and with similar issues.  So don’t think: Why can’t this person get their act together.  Why can’t they figure it out?  What you say to them one week might need to be received again at the next gathering.  They need your words both times because Grace Group is dynamic.

Ultimately, Grace Groups are dynamic not static because Grace Groups are made up of people struggling with sin and suffering in a broken world.  And this is why Grace Groups exist: to provide a context of relationships among the members of GCBC by doing the one-anothers of Scripture for the purpose of discipleship.