God’s Grace and Sovereignty in Troubled Times

God’s Grace and Sovereignty in Troubled Times

Charles Spurgeon observes of 2 Kings 6:6 that no matter how many of life’s heavy burdens threaten to overwhelm us, we can take it to the Lord in prayer. Perhaps you are facing desperation in a relationship, job, or an unimaginable task that is just too heavy for you to bear, where are you to turn? Too often we only turn to prayer when we are in agony because our own abilities to resolve the situation to our liking has failed. Why must our heart be broken before we turn in earnest prayer to the Lord? Spurgeon reminds us that we should not suffer the lack of any good thing for we are the hosts of the Lord. Are you using this unprecedented time in our world to draw close to the Lord in prayer? Are you still believing you are in control? Rest in God’s sovereignty and His amazing love for you by seeking Him in His scripture today. All our burdens are too heavy for us to carry alone but nothing is to heavy for the Lord to carry for us. God has given us the one-anothers in His local church to help us turn to Christ to lift our heavy burdens of this life. Seek a brother or sister of the Lord today for prayer and encouragement. Charles Spurgeon, Morning and Evening, p. 27

The Puritan Thomas Brooks reminds us that God is our suitable portion from Lamentations 3:24. His words from the past hit home in today’s crisis as we are quickly reminded how passing the things of this physical world are. Thomas makes the point that nothing on this earth can ultimately satisfy our soul. Our soul will never die and it was made for union and communion with God forever.  All the treasures, success, comfort, prominence, and security that we ultimate strive to gain will never truly satisfy our soul. Today we face the loss of jobs, financial security, government services, entertainment, our health, and possibly some of the lives of loved ones near us. Thomas reminds us that we are called to enjoy God now and for all eternity. God is our all in all. He will satisfy our souls like nothing else can. Will you turn to the Lord today in prayer? Will you seek Him in your devotions? Long for Him from the bottom of your heart, setting aside all your pride and selfish desires and He will satisfy your deepest needs. Richard Rushing, Voices From The Past, p. 33

Paul Tripp discusses God’s sovereignty over all things from Romans 8:31-39. “If you’re God’s child, you can rest assured today that both your standing before God and His rule on your behalf are sure and secure.” We all struggle with anxiety and worry for the future. Perhaps it is our job, kids, parents, home, marriage, or friends. A reasonable level of concern and planning for the future is valuable. Even a heightened sense of anxiety and stress is a normal function of how God created us for times requiring extra focus and energy. However, anxiety that is not restrained can become out of control, overwhelming, and debilitating. Anxiety at this level needs to be addressed and taken back into control under the sovereignty of God. We need to all be reminded that God is in charge over the big and little things in our lives. Paul Tripp tells us it is possible to wake up each morning with a smile on our face even when we are facing tough times like the loss of a job, house, friends, family, and health. Yes, these are highly disappointing losses that threaten to crush us. Yet, as believers we can lose all these important earthly gifts and still find a reason to smile every morning because they do not define us, Jesus Christ defines us. Paul reminds us that there are two things in all of life that are to remain the most important: God’s grace and God’s sovereignty. Frankly, for most of the world life is out of control and anxiety is ruling over the masses. At times like these, believers are to turn to Christ Jesus reminding themselves that their identity is in Him. We have died and have been risen with Christ. We no longer live as a prisoner to sin and self. We are servants to the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we think, say, and do. Every day is the day to live for Christ by having a deep, personal, vertical relationship with Him that empowers a humble horizontal relationship with others. Take your anxieties and worries to the Lord in prayer and study. Reach out and encourage a brother and sister in Christ today. Seize the day for the Lord! Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies, March 5th

Pastor-In-Training Jim Wentzlaff

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