Your Work Is Service to Christ

Your Work Is Service to Christ

The Scripture teaches us that as we work, we are to work for God, doing the best at what he has called us to do (Colossians 3:23).

If we can do our work—whether outside the home or inside the home, paid or unpaid—“as for the Lord,” then it follows that our work is in some sense service to God. And this is exactly what the Bible teaches: “It is the Lord Christ whom your serve” in your work (Colossians 3:24).

And this truth should fundamentally change the way you think, do, and feel about work.

Think your work as service to Christ.

Sometimes we hear people say: “I serve the Lord as a pastor.” While this is true, it is equally true that “I serve the Lord as a military officer.” Or, “I serve the Lord as a real estate agent.”

Moreover, work is not fundamentally a means to receive money. There is nothing wrong with gainful employment. But work is fundamentally about serving Christ.


Do your work as service to Christ.

All the pastors I know perform their work to the best of their ability because they believe they are doing their work as service to Christ. But the same is true for all non-vocational ministries. Therefore, do your work as best as you can. Improve your skills; climb the ladder; be excellent in what God has called you to do.

Feel your work as service to Christ.

God calls very few Christians to vocational ministry; the rest he calls to serve him in other ways. Vocational ministry is not more spiritual than non-vocational ministry; it’s just a different ministry calling. In fact, real ministry takes place when the saints do the “work of service” (Ephesians 4:12) in their callings as a police officer, bus driver, custodian, teacher, or student. So, don’t feel inferior (or superior) because you aren’t serving God in vocational Christian ministry (e.g., pastor or missionary).

Serving the Lord is not limited to ushering, preaching, teaching a Sunday school class, or volunteering in the nursery. You serve the Lord when you close the business deal, when you fulfill a prescription, when you teach your kids math, and when you do the laundry.

Your work is service to Christ!

Pastor Dan