Sermons on John

Sermons on John

The Food of Jesus

John 4:25-29; 39-42 Sunday Service / The food of Jesus is to seek and save lost sinners and we are called to enter into this same mission of mercy.

Keep Them from the Evil, Part 1

John 17:14-16 Sunday Service / Since Jesus passionately prays for our protection, we ought to take seriously our need for protection until we reach glory as we travel on our dangerous journey through this world.

Misunderstanding John 3:16

John 3:16 Sunday Service / We often misunderstand John 3:16 because it is so familiar. But understanding it correctly brings about the glorious truths of the passage.

Amazing Love

John 3:16 Sunday Service / The love of God for sinners is astounding – believe in the Father’s gift of His one and only Son, Jesus.

The Sight of the Serpent

John 3:14-15 Sunday Service / All of our fleshly efforts to obtain salvation are useless because the only remedy for our hopeless, sinful condition is to look to Jesus Christ alone in order to have eternal life.

Competing Loves

John 12:1-8 Sunday Service / If Jesus is our greatest treasure, it makes sense when our joy in Jesus and affection for Jesus far surpasses other treasures in this world.
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