"faith" Tagged Sermons

"faith" Tagged Sermons

Fear Not, Little Flock

Luke 12:32 Sunday Service / Do not fear persecution, public pressure, or lack of provisions because of who God is, how He feels about you, and what He has done for you.

Look! Water!

Various Scriptures Sunday Service / Water baptism symbolizes the substance of Holy Spirit baptism into Christ by faith alone. 

Anatomy of a Forgiving Person

Philemon 1-9 Sunday Service / Forgiveness is hard but through sovereign Grace, a love for the Saints and faith towards our Lord and a teachable, humble spirit forgiveness and reconciliation is possible.

The Food of Jesus

John 4:25-29; 39-42 Sunday Service / The food of Jesus is to seek and save lost sinners and we are called to enter into this same mission of mercy.