"trust" Tagged Sermons

"trust" Tagged Sermons

You Can’t Buy Heaven

Psalm 49 Sunday Service / Trusting in your riches for redemption will fail but God will redeem you. Understand that your redemption is so costly that no amount of money could ever purchase it.

Our Refuge

Psalm 46 Sunday Service / We can have confidence in God in times of trouble because of God’s character and works.

Trusting God with the Mess We’ve Made

Joshua 9 Sunday Service / The Canaanite kings form an alliance to go against Israel. One pagan group decides to act outside of the alliance and using theatrics deceives Israel into making a treaty with them. Israel did not consult with God concerning the treaty and put themselves into a dilemma: sin by keeping the treaty, allowing the pagans to live; or sin by breaking the oath. How do they (and we) get out of such a mess?