Sermons on God's Mercy

Sermons on God's Mercy

The Benedictus- Part 2

Luke 1:76-80 Sunday Service / Praise Jesus for visiting us because of tender mercy, shining upon us in great darkness, and guiding us into the path of peace.

Psalm 73: A Worldview Psalm

Psalm 73 Sunday Service / No matter what we experience in this world, being in close relationship with God through Jesus Christ brings lasting satisfaction and goodness, for God is good and enough.

When the Merciful God Shows No Mercy

Joshua 11 Sunday Service / The utter destruction of Canaan’s northern tribes completes Israel’s conquest of the land. God’s purposes in giving the land to Israel also executes merciless judgment on Canaan. How could a God of love show no mercy to even women and children?

A Scarlet Line, A Scarlet Hope

Joshua 2 Sunday Service / An amazing story of intrigue and adventure that reads like a spy movie reveals much more. We see that God advances His kingdom through the salvation of Gentile sinners like you and me.

Remembering Grace

Titus 3:1-7 Sunday Service / If we remember who we were and what Christ has done by grace, we will be able to give grace to the outside world.